Top Low Range Mahabaleshwar Restaurants

Hotel Aman

Hotel Aman

Location: 82, Dr Sabane Road, Main Market, Mahabaleshwar

Price: Around Rs. 120 to 200 per person

Food Quality: Very Good

Aman Restaurant is the best low range restaurants in Main Market. The restaurant is famous for Mughlai and punjabi delicacies.

Famous dishes includes Pahadi-Tanduri Kababs and Tikkas with butter naan. Kheema pav and Burji pav are also popular with tourists.
Though the restaurant is famous for non-veg food but it also serves veg. Veg Maharashtrian thali costs around Rs. 200.

Hotel Templeview (Veg)

hotel rajesh

Location: Old Mahabaleshwar, Mahabaleshwar

Price: Around Rs. 200 per person

Food Quality: Good

Templeview restaurant serves Indian, Chinese or even continental dishes. I had read that Templeview is famous for Rajashani dishes but Rajashani dishes were not available when I visited the restaurant recently.
On many websites this restaurant has been rated as the best restaurant in Mahabaleshwar but it is not.

Hotel Rajmahal

Mapro Garden

Location: Dr Sabane Road, Main Market, Mahabaleshwar

Price: Around Rs. 100 per person (Maharashtrian Thali)

Food Quality: Good

Rajmahal is family owned restaurant which serves Indian cuisine. It is definitely a great restaurant in the low price range.
Apart from Maharashtrian, Rajmahal also serves Punjabi, South Indian dishes.

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