Kolhapur to Mahabaleshwar


Kolhapur to Mahabaleshwar Distance

Kolhapur to Mahabaleshwar distance by road is from 180 to 200 KM by various routes.

  • Medha Route: 180 KM
  • Wai Route: 200 KM
  • Travel Time: 3.5-4 hrs

Kolhapur - Mahabaleshwar Routes

Medha Route: Kolhapur - Satara (City) - Medha - Mahabaleshwar
Wai Route: Kolhapur - Satara (Highway) - Wai - Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar

Recommended Route

Medha route is shorter having very less traffic. You should prefer Medha route if you are travelling by private vehicle.

Driving Directions

Pune - Bangalore Highway (Station Road or Bavda Road)
Satara (City)
Satara City can be entered from 3 entry points. Third Entry Point is recommended as you can cut the city traffic. Third Entry Point for Satara City comes after Highway Flyover.

  • First Entry Point: Before Highway Flyover
  • Second Entry Point: At Highway Flyover
  • Third Entry Point: After Highway Flyover


Kolhapur To Mahabaleshwar Map

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