Wilson Point

Wilson Point

Wilson Point is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar at 1439 m. Wilson Point is also popularly known as Sunrise Point. However, Wilson point is the only point in Mahabaleshwar where both sunrise and sunset can be seen. Original name of the point is Sindola Hill.

This point is named after Sir Leslie Wilson, the Governor of Bombay province. As Wilson point is highest in Mahabaleshwar, it offers a spectacular view of Mahabaleshwar in all directions.

Wilson Point Tower 3 towers are built on the Wilson Point platue. These towers provide mesmerizing vista of Mahabaleshwar and surrounding area.

  • 1st Tower: Sunrise and Polo ground can be seen from 1st tower.
  • 2nd Tower: Panchgani platue and route to lingamala waterfall can be seen from 2nd tower.
  • 3rd Tower: Old Mahabaleshwar, Elphinstone point, Cannought peak point can be seen from 3rd tower.

From Wilson point, one can see evergreen forest of Mahabaleshwar which remains green throughout the whole year.

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