Pratapgad Construction

Pratapgad Shivaji Statue

Pratapgad fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj in the period 1656 to 1659. As per historians, original name of the fort was Dhorpya or Bhorpya.

Before Construction

Shivaji Maharaj extended his territory by winning Jawali Area from Chandrarao More (Adilshahi Sardar) in 1656. Jawali area in those days was heavily forested. Due to its strategic location, Shivaji Maharaj decided to build fort to protect Par pass.


Shivaji Maharaj gave the responsibility of building the fort to Peshawe Moropant Pingale. The fort was constructed by Arjaji Yadav. In 1657, when majority of the construction was completed, Shivaji Maharaj appointed Ganoji Govindji as first Killedar of the fort. The construction got completed in 1659 and later in the same year the fort eyewitnessed great battle between Shivaji Maharaj and Afzal Khan.

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